About FGS

Company Name: Financial Graphic Services, Inc. [FGS, Inc.]
Headquarters’ Address: 880 Enterprise St., Suite F, Aurora, IL 60504
Telephone Number: 630.585.8160
Ownership (Private/Public): Private
Year Founded: 1968

History of FGS 

Kelvyn Press was established in 1968 as a commercial printer and literature distribution service provider, focused on the local Chicago financial services marketplace. We have been providing complete financial and commercial print as well as open-end / closed-end fund launch distribution services to many of the Chicago market investment firm and banks, since inception.

In 1988, Kelvyn Press expanded and Financial Graphic Service “FGS” became the parent company. FGS, now a private corporation, continued to expand and support financial services and insurance clients with their printing, production of annual reports, prospectuses, type setting and EDGAR filings.

In 2002, we invested over $5,000,000 to build a brand new state-of-the-art Radio Frequency (RF) controlled fulfillment/distribution facility and subsequently incorporated distributed 4 color, real-time print-on-demand technologies to address the ever changing needs to our customers.

Today, we are very proud of the fact that every one of our customers can be called for a reference.

This is a result of our focus on building and supporting long-term customer relationships with our customers through constant management attention, continual investment in state-of-the-art technology and facilities, consistent high-quality service and proactive customer service and support and, not stock price and/or mergers and acquisitions (as most of our competitors are).

We now provide services to over 125 major corporations in the United States in financial services, healthcare and commercial industries. With two production facilities in the Chicago, IL area and one facility in the Boston, MA area, our production facilities can match, if not exceed, any large technology, printer and fulfillment provider.

We offer complete production services from our multi-product facility network that provides disaster recovery & redundancy and overflow situations.

We offer customized solutions for our clients. Our investment in our clients and the technology provide “Best-in-Class” services to them as well as cost reductions.

We add a unique blend of customization to our technology and expertise and resources that caters our clients’ individual needs.

In short, our objective is longevity with our clients. We know this is the key to building a long-term successful business. We take very seriously the responsibility and accountability that comes with marketing, communicating and managing your customers, producers, customers, fellow associates (internal customers), employees, and shareholders expectations.