Fulfillment Managers

At FGS we understand you are responsible for managing all the aspects of fulfillment listed below, and your constituents can escalate immediately to high level executives within your organization and cause you great stress and pain.

  • Campaigns, Direct Mail, Special Mailings, Custom Kit Builds, Managing Compliant Documents, Brand Standards, Inventory Control, Controlling Shipping Expenses, Electronic and Physical Fulfillment… Whew! And, you’re responsible for it all.
  • In the world of fulfillment, a late or incorrect order can cause you more problems than many fulfillment companies assume.

Talk to our Account Management staff, come see our Digital Services and Fulfillment Operations teams in action. Come test drive our Real-Time Web driven systems with every core feature already built into and integrated with your platform to manage your fulfillment business.

FGS Knows…

  • You need someone who has your “back”.
  • You need FGS and our team of dedicated industry and compliance specialists handling all the details, without error.
  • You need real-time data, dashboard tools, and a partner who “gets it”.
  • Our Service Level Agreements demand same day turn, without error, and we have the statistics and personnel to back it up.
  • Your job isn’t easy and you are under constant pressure to perform. With budget cuts and limited resources, the question becomes, “How do I do this.” The answer is FGS.