Print Buyers

At FGS, we understand how important buying Print and managing Documents and Digital Resources are to your organization. We provide industry and compliance experts in your business, plus Service Level Agreements that exceed industry standards.

FGS Knows…

  • It’s your responsibility to manage and select the right supplier for your organization’s program or project.
  • You’re under constant pressure to meet difficult deadlines, manage your clients’ expectations, manage external and internal resources and personnel, and gather the needed information in a constantly changing environment, and find a way to get it done at or below the budget.
  • You may even need to manage the eProcurement systems and budgets too.

Talk to our Account Management staff; come see our Offset and Digital Equipment and Services teams in action. Come test drive our Real-Time Web driven systems with every core feature already built into and integrated with your platform to manage your print and procurement businesses.

FGS Knows…

  • You need dedicated service, quality and predictability that you want and demand in your print partner.
  • There’s no time to explain every job and there’s no time for excuses or last minute blowups.
  • You need the ability to output Offset, Just-in-Time or Print-on-Demand documents with Static, Variable and Data fed output.
  • We take your business very seriously and understand that you need serious performance and a company who can manage the details.
  • Your job isn’t easy and you are under constant pressure to perform. With budget cuts and limited resources, the question becomes, “How do I do this.” The answer is FGS.