Sourcing & Procurement Professionals

At FGS, we understand that it’s a major decision when choosing a partner for your managed services, compliance, capital markets or print and fulfillment services programs.
Our initial approach is to offer substantial cost saving strategies through managed services or single source solutions.

FGS Knows…

  • You’re expected to make the best possible decisions related to your organization’s budgets and expenditures.
  • You have to analyze multiple suppliers on static, inflexible criteria.
  • You look into the company’s abilities, financial status, and costs.
  • It’s your responsibility to manage and select the right supplier for your organization’s program or project and you know you have to make the right call, every time.
  • You understand the constantly changing requirements and demanding timeframes put forth by the Financial, Pharmaceutical and Commercial industries, and their various regulatory agencies.

At FGS we are committed to working with you to find or create the best possible solution and price points for your business.

  • We determine pre-established annual savings.
  • We offer cost reductions by placing FGS Account Management industry experts to drive efficiency and cost reductions.
  • We target savings of 25% – 40% annually, not just one time!
  • We evaluate and review everything from systems, payroll, design, digital assets, campaigns, print, fulfillment to postage and shipping reductions.
  • Our goal is to target an annual budget and exceed it.
  • Savings are defined in advance and held regardless of change.
  • Best of all, FGS absorbs the risk and additional costs in return for volume commitments.