Asset Management Services

FGS Fulfillment

FGS offers fulfillment services with every industry in mind. We have designed our fulfillment technology and infrastructure from the ground up. Anyone can pick-pack and we do this as well as anyone in the industry, but no one synergizes fulfillment, inventory management, and frontend systems, with data and print solutions like FGS. We watch the industry closely and know when things change, or need to change, and our blend of technology and services keep us ahead of the curve.

FGS has expanded beyond the old-school services commonly found in the industry. We have a fully dynamic, data-driven marketing and communications support solution with complex business rules and integrations, order and recipient driven dynamic document creation and delivery options. Our fulfillment service has become a full marketing and compliance communications engine that provides the means to manage and execute like never before.

Every client needs something a little different, so we’ve made it easy to adapt, easy to integrate, and easy to migrate from your antiquated provider.

Fulfillment Facilities

Our primary 250,000 square-foot fulfillment facility is located in Aurora, Illinois. We offer specialized fulfillment in a hub-and-spoke fashion through our East Coast facility in Braintree, Massachusetts. We are well positioned to meet our clients’ domestic and international needs with plans for expansion and new international facilities in 2013.

As a professional, you need a partner that understands your business. We have thought out our operations and infrastructure down to the tiniest detail. FGS can provide expertise and insight to industry best practice for managing your world of complex communications, while providing workflow improvement to make you more efficient, and more effective.

Advanced Fulfillment System

Our core system was designed on a real-time database backbone. Our system not only captures information down to the detail you need to support reporting and analysis, but feeds into a wireless technology through a barcodebased, operator hand-held workflow. We are completely paperless up to the point of the manifest that goes in the package for final delivery. This workflow is deployed throughout the entire organization– from receiving through warehouse pick-pack all the way to the digital print group. This extremely tight workflow has allowed us to meet all client service level agreements and is the strength of our quality control mission. With this infrastructure we can effectively manage the toughest business rules and regulations, embrace flexibility and advanced client customization, all while providing premium level service.

  • Literature, Product Storage & Inventory Management
  • Order Processing – Pick-Pack, Order-Based Print Campaigns & Electronic Processing
  • Assembly Services
  • Replenishment Management
  • Digital Print Solutions – Web-to-Print & Custom Enrollment Solutions
  • Variable Digital Print & Custom Document Solutions
  • CD-ROM Replication
  • Premium & Promotional Fulfillment
  • Mailing & Lettershop Services
  • eCommerce & Payment Solutions
  • Dynamic & Custom Kitting
  • Special Marketing & Promotion Programs
  • Statements & Confirms

Traditional Print Solutions

  • Digital Print Solutions
  • Web to Print Solutions – Your audience can create a personalized item
  • Variable Data – Database driven solutions
  • Internet Site and Database Design and Programming
  • User Logon Identifiers and Database Access
  • Web-based Ordering Systems and Design
  • Site Hosting and Database Maintenance
  • CD-ROM Design and Creation
  • Flash Animation
  • Billboard, Ad Design and Placement Services

Literature, Product Storage & Inventory Management

FGS offers pallet, rack, shelf, bin, and secure storage solutions. All SKUs and item locations are identified and tracked with barcodes to systematically move materials and effectively manage the process between longer term storage and high-velocity forward pick-pack locations. Products are stored based on usage, analysis, and product relationship to minimize restocking and material movement efforts. Inventory levels are tracked and reported in realtime and orders are automatically allocated to available inventory regardless of the source. Kits, raw materials, and finished goods can all share inventories seamlessly. We have dozens of item-level attributes and features used to manage obsolescence, effective dates, and replenishment rules. For your valuable and premium items, our storage is secure and guarded with cameras and swipe badge technology to prevent theft and fraudulent use.

Order Processing

FGS offers an eCommerce web interface for order placement and an administration console that ties your operations directly into our facilities. Our system goes well beyond order entry and FGS has integrated web-to-print solutions for document creation, personalization, and customization. We’ve included robust features to support cross-marketing with partners, distributors, and any channel you serve. With FGS as your fulfillment provider you can provide a one-stop-shop for literature, on-demand, and premium items in a single user-interface. Your users can even distribute using physical delivery and electronic delivery in a single platform – even within the same order. Because we are real-time and web-based, your operational managers can control everything right at their fingertips. Some of the core features are:

  • Customized & Branded to Your Look and Feel
  • User, Firm and Producer Level Restrictions
  • State & Federal Compliance Rules Management
  • Document Item Dependency & Associations
  • Dynamic & Custom Kit Creation
  • Date Fed Order Placement
  • Order Driven Document Creation
  • User Driven Customization & Personalization
  • User Driven eDelivery Setup & Execution
  • Real-time Integration with any Client CRM or Website
  • Punch Out Ready Application
  • Pre-built APIs for Ease of Integration

Kitting & Assembly Services

FGS offers several kitting and assembly solutions. These services are supported by our order entry application and can be tailored to include literature, promotional items, CD-Roms or other products. Just about anything you need or want in a kit.

  • Bulk Assembly & Storage
  • Dynamic Kits On-the-Fly
  • Customized Kits
  • Self-Contained Digital Kits

Print Replenishment Management

Making decisions related to replenishment requires information related to usage, document version, and obsolescence dates. FGS has created a dashboard to bring all of this information, along with quick access to the files, and print specs, all into one centralized tool. This unique tool can even recommend the best production method based on cost, thereby simplifying the process for Print Buyers, Marketing, and Operations. All of this power is built on the same robust platform, using your business rules.

Digital Print Solutions

FGS has integrated digital print into the fulfillment order entry platform to make ordering print as easy as ordering literature off the shelf. There are many different solutions that can be deployed based on the item and purpose of the communication.


Web-to-Print allows the user to create, customize and personalize an item for just about any kind of communication event.

  • Lead Generation
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Custom & Cross Branded Sales Materials
  • Product Highlights & Fact Sheets
  • One to One Communications

Specialized Fulfillment Services

Enrollment Solutions

FGS has developed a retirement product enrollment solution. This solution puts the power of project management in the hands of your administration staff. Enrollment books are produced from data feeds that drive new company enrollments, terminations and new employee participants. This program supports all the business rules as set up by your administration staff and can create the sections, plan highlights, fund fact sheets, forms, and then builds books on-the-fly based on the plan requirements. These books can be customized to the company or participant level. All assets used to support the process are housed in @Access and updated through supporting data feeds or file swap processes. Updates can be supplied by you, your third-party supplier, or as part of the FGS document management group data-fed auto creation services.

FGS manages the whole process through distribution, and all costs, usage, and volumes can be included in your reports for analysis.

Custom Recipient Specific Solutions

The advancement of data storage, integration and segregation technologies has been embraced by FGS to help clients create documents specific to a recipient. This is a great solution for the industry to use a combination of digital and traditional print to create prospectuses and reports that include only the information specific to the recipient. This solution can reduce the number of pages in a document, which lowers print costs, reduces postage and mailing costs, and can run as an automated workflow from start to finish. The outgoing document can even be produced to eliminate the envelope.

Recipient specific documents can be considered in any situation where the data and investment specifics can be mined down to what is important to the investor, and required for compliance. This solution can also be utilized by marketers and wholesalers on the product level.

Variable Data – Digital Print Solutions

With FGS, the potential of our advanced variable data solutions are only limited by the data provided by clients. Variable print can be a valuable addition to your marketing and overall communications strategy. It’s common to utilize data for custom messages, but this technique can be utilized to streamline the creation of documents that are data-heavy or specific to the recipient or audience. Variables can include data, content, images, and business rules. We have the expertise and experience needed to engineer the process and implement a workflow that will improve time to market and reduce costs. Variable print can be a valuable addition to your marketing and overall communications strategy.

Variable print can be used for custom and personalized message creation but can also be used to create data rich documents specific to the recipient or audience. FGS has the expertise and experience needed to take your strategy to market. We will engineer the program, identify trigger points, build the infrastructure, and provide the solution for a single project or recurring program.

CD-ROM Replication

Your marketing materials may require a CD-ROM; FGS offers services to create the information and content used on a flat file, or fully interactive base. We offer full CD-ROM replication and manage the inventory and updates.

Promotional & Product Fulfillment

FGS can bridge the gap that exists between literature and product fulfillment. Our eCommerce style platform will provide all the tools needed to manage and fulfill product based on your needs and business rules. This platform technology provides for an excellent user experience and can integrate with your CRM systems, websites, and other management and sourcing systems.

We offer supply chain services to manage and replenish promotional items. Through strategic partners we are able to supply pricing based on client volumes and business rules through a just-in-time system driven process.