Managed Services

FGS is a national print & marketing services Supply Chain Management Company supporting large multi-national corporations in the Financial, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Retail and Manufacturing industries. We offer the knowledge, technology and infrastructure to efficiently execute marketing, sales and compliance programs. Our strategic mission is to provide our clients a supply chain partnership that is properly aligned to their strategic mission.

Print Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain partnerships continue to expand and have become popular in many sectors. Companies continue to downsize and choose to focus resources on their core products and services. Many companies are choosing not to invest in the proper resources and technology needed to support marketing execution. This is where FGS provides value. Our goal is to become an extension of our clients business by offering a partnership based on best in class execution, cost management and reduction strategies and technological solutions in both the marketing and operational areas.

Our Clients benefit through improved execution, improved time to market, technologies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive, print and internet marketing options all at substantially lower costs. Support is another vital benefit driver as the expertise and resources are provided without the need to increase headcount and overhead.

Supply Chain services can be tailored to best fit a purpose. The utilization does not have to fit into a all or nothing strategy. Many clients choose to utilize a complete end-to-end partnership, others choose to utilize a single service silo. This decision is based on the purpose and goals of the client, the partnership can be tailored to fill in gaps in the marketing workflow or to strengthen understaffed departments, groups or divisions. Other options can be considered to manage a program or business line that can be either transactional or ongoing. FGS can customize the partnership to fit your strategy and to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Partnership Options

Full Supply Chain Management Strategy: End-to-end Management & Execution at the company-wide level

Business Line or Program Management Strategy: End-to-end Management and execution for a particular business line or program

Divisional Supply Chain Management Strategy: End-to-end Management and execution for a individual division or business unit

Multi-Service Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management within service silos, example: Print & Fulfillment Management

Single Service Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management for a single service, example: Print Management & Sourcing

FGS will work with you to determine the potential partnership strategy based on your goals and objectives. The supply chain arrangement can be determined and justified through a thorough review and assessment of current infrastructure, workflows and costs. Cost reduction is vital and most often a primary objective but efficient execution, addition and expansion of capabilities are just as important. The goal is to engineer the process, align with corporate strategy and structure your company into a marketing machine. What we have found is with proper engineering and management we can maximize what can be accomplished within our clients budget and in all cases reduce the expenses that have a direct impact on the budget.

XBRLnow Taxonomy Services

We offer our XBRLnow Taxonomy Service, a client-accessed portal for project management, review, approval and collaboration. FGS provides the accounting expertise and experience to properly identify tags and advise clients. We streamline the process by driving all tags and data to our XBRLnow database for further use and template schema.

Review and Assessment

The marketing and compliance communications process are riddled with steps and workflows that can be complex and differ from company to company. Execution workflows require copy writing, Language translation, design and creative, data-base and list management and maintenance, internet and print production and distribution, marketing and sales support fulfillment and mailing. Documents and messages grow obsolete – versions must be controlled. Information and data crosses many departments including marketing, legal, accounting and compliance making communication difficult and time consuming. Companies with a global footprint have to manage suppliers across the globe, deal with brand accuracy, foreign production, communication, and distribution. Once the purpose has been identified FGS will work to review the process, examine workflows and collect costs. Our assessment will be prepared defining the current process, recommendation of solutions and itemized detail of the new cost and savings potential. FGS will work to prove the case for a supply chain relationship and the benefits will become apparent.

Review Process and Final Assessment

FGS will provide a complete review and assessment for the scope of work related to the supply chain consideration. This review is necessary and will provide an in-depth picture of the current workflow, processes and costs. The aspects of the review will depend on the scope of work under consideration and is at the clients’ discretion.

  • Gather and Categorize all costs related to the scope of work
  • Identify and Understand the current workflow
  • Identify and understand the current internal service groups
  • Identify and Categorize internal costs
  • Identify internal operational and marketing systems
  • Interview Group managers and key employees related to internal service groups

Upon completion FGS will assess and create a final results and offering document that will outline the plan to re-organize, change or improve current systems and workflows and establish the cost reduction plan. This document will get into substantial detail and run a line-by-line cost comparison for the clients review. The benefits will be clear and easy to understand.

Tailored Program Management

We offer complete end-to-end enterprise wide management services or large program management. Our services can be tailored to support you in any way that can help you obtain the results required. Those results are guaranteed.

Review & Assessment – High-level review of your current costs, systems and workflow.

Vendor Selection – Utilize our database of suppliers, best match identification.

Vendor Management –Manage and oversee all aspects of the production process – Full Accountability

Sourcing and eProcurement – Negotiate and implement best practices to reduce cost

Performance Management – Review and Assess performance at multiple supply chain levels

Design and Production Services – Create & Update and Maintain all media types and programs, Introduce author level tools and database driven techniques

In Client Support – Leadership and Support through In- Client Demand One personnel.

Technology Utilization and Integration – Identify and implement management level and execution level solutions with the goal to centralize, decentralize and control every step in the process.

Choosing the best Supply Chain Partnership

There are many different ways supply chain partnerships can be structured. The decision is based on many factors related to the clients current infrastructure, expertise and systems but the basis for this decision is how it supports and aligns with the overall corporate strategic mission. FGS provides the expertise and works to consult in this decision. This is in large part a function of the review and assessment but focuses on the strategy or purpose of the supply chain. Supply Chain partnerships are rarely viewed as an all or nothing relationship and best implemented in stages. As the supply chain provides the required results and credibility expands further services, solutions and responsibilities can be added and deployed. FGS works to not only identify the best potential partnership strategy under the supply chain agreement but also takes into consideration the reality involved in expansion and the value needed to justify such decisions.

All supply chain partnerships include the expertise, resources and technology working together to improve the operational aspects of marketing and compliance communications. Supply chain partnerships ease the burden on HR, Marketing Managers, I.T. and many other internal groups.

Supply Chain expenses tailored to support sales Growth.

A primary benefit of embracing FGS as a supply chain partner is the ability to minimize costs that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. Costs will be reduced but can also be designed to eliminate risk and overhead burden that may not be possible through a multi supplier transactional approach that is so popular in the current purchasing structures. As a supply chain partner we assume risk and provide options to costs currently associated with service and product launches, marketing and crisis management events. Our strategy is to provide a cost structure that can lock in costs based on actual usage and success of sales or purpose of a event. With FGS decisions related to volume, usage and mode of communication become obsolete. We absorb the risk and make tough decisions easy.