Regulatory & Compliance

To manage and support the complex regulatory requirements of Capital Markets, we partner with corporate counsels, security lawyers, officers, and directors to create, produce and deliver compliance and transaction documents. This is accomplished through a wide range of solutions and services designed for this specifically. FGS offers a complete set of core services to help our clients take regulatory projects to market. A client-assigned customer service team will lead and manage every aspect of the creation, filing, production and distribution process through one or all FGS owned and operated facilities located in the Midwest and East Coast.

Document Creation Services

  • Manual Composition (Typesetting): We offer manual page composition from client-supplied Microsoft Word and Excel files or markups.
  • Prospectus solutions: FGS offers a full range of services to aid in the creation of statutory pros with summary pro creation on-the-fly, Statements of Additional Information (SAIs), and proxy creation.
  • Forms Management: We provide full forms management, creation and production services, forms solutions (such as fillable PDFs), and web-based database driven techniques.
  • Edit & Author Alterations: FGS is staffed around the clock to manage the alteration process which is vital to supporting the legal, marketing and accounting review, and auditing processes.
  • Data-fed Composition: We utilize data-feeds to create documents in minutes – This is ideal for data-rich documents requiring constant updates and new version creation. This also integrates to a user interface to enable user-based content management and docuent creation.
  • Document file conversion and re-purposing: We utilize common data and content to convert and create other file output types.
  • Web Based Content Management & Publishing: FGS has brought a powerful user interface, database and publishing engine to help companies store, manage, update, and publish regulatory documents of all kinds.


FGS converts and files in HTML file format. ASCII is still allowed and can also be provided by FGS.

XBRLnow Taxonomy Services

We offer our XBRLnow Taxonomy Service, a client-accessed portal for project management, review, approval and collaboration. FGS provides the accounting expertise and experience to properly identify tags and advise clients. We streamline the process by driving all tags and data to our XBRLnow database for further use and template schema.

Web Hosting & Hosting Services

The S.E.C. has established new rules for how documents must be hosted. FGS has invested in technologies to safely and securely host your documents while making them available to your investors, financial advisors, analysts, and clients. Our robust, enterprise-wide, compliant, hosting solution can become your one central asset management solution to support all compliance, marketing, legal, and sales requirements.