More and more companies are turning to technology to improve operations, streamline execution, and reduce costs.

FGS has established a culture for technology both on the marketing and regulatory operation fronts. We strive to develop technologies that empower our clients with added capability and to ease the ongoing burden of driving more efficient execution. Technology is offered to support specific service relationships; these key solutions are constantly improved so clients are always able to take advantage of new market trends. We’ve titled these core solutions eVolve and the name says it all. Our clients have an ever-growing need for robust technology and our eVolve product line supports this mission across our core integrated services.

eVolve Suite of Products

eVolve provides the most robust infrastructure available in the industry. Our strategy to constantly improve these products with the addition of new features and functionality ensures that our clients will always be kept ahead of the curve. We embrace new trends and the need to provide our clients a means of constant process improvement. All modules support integration with external systems using standard FGS APIs and a Punch Out Ready environment. We’ve made it simple for you to cost-effectively integrate with any of your existing CRM or ERP systems. eVolve products can be deployed as individual solutions or as one centralized integrated offering. With FGS you can eliminate multiple systems and multiple vendors, merge and manage multiple departments and divisions within a single system, which improves workflow, reporting, and reduces overall costs.

eVolve (Fulfillment Management)

Fulfillment has changed and many fulfillment companies take years to keep up with these trends, or do so only by client request. Often times there is little consideration given to downstream processes that will be utilized to process orders, create and print custom documents, and ensure quality control is in place.

Information is vital to making proper decisions which is why we have built a completely real-time, integrated solution that covers all of these points. We recognize that your fulfillment capability is only as good as the technology available to execute, manage, and support operations. To run a best-of-breed fulfillment operation these solutions
have to integrate through all aspects of the operational infrastructure, and with FGS they do.

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eVolve (Fulfillment Order Placement)

The role of fulfillment is changing. The convergence of data, dynamic document creation, campaign management, one-to-one techniques, and multiple message delivery methods is a must-have for any fulfillment-based operation to succeed. FGS has re-invented this product to meet these trends and is well positioned to deliver the results to you.

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eVolve (Web to Print)

The FGS eVolve Web to Print (W2P) solution is based on the same powerful eCommerce style approach as our core fulfillment offerings. The system can be deployed as a standalone or integrated solution for internal, external, or public use. Its core purpose is to decentralize document creation to a field of users without the loss of control over brand and content. We built a template driven solution allowing users to follow an intuitive step-by-step approach to create personalize documents without compromising brand integrity.

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eVolve (eDistribution)

The internet has become a viable and inexpensive way to communicate and deliver messages. This solution puts campaign management and execution at your fingertips. This product can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module within our fulfillment application.

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Management Technologies

FGS offers solutions that play a vital and sometimes underestimated role in managing the marketing and regulatory communications process. We have developed these solutions to help clients manage and control at a higher, more efficient level. The regulatory and marketing operations process can encompass multiple departments, divisions, and locations found domestically and internationally. It’s vital to centralize certain aspects of the process needed to communicate, execute and move information, and files without error. With the right solution, these applications can become the infrastructure needed to manage and execute complicated programs with ease, while minimizing the chance for error. These management technologies integrate with all FGS execution (eVolve) products to deliver a single point of access to help streamline the entire process. With FGS, you can manage and execute programs and projects, add to your ability to control, report, and minimize chance of error throughout all your business entities.

Corcom (Regulatory Document Management Solution)

Corcom is a content management system with systematic document creation. This is a great solution for companies with a large amount of products and share classes. Content and data are managed by user groups such as legal, accounting, compliance, and marketing. Our product will simplify and improve the overall compliance process and is document type independent.

The core purpose of a centralized asset management strategy is access and control. Your digital asset management solution should be the central place to house all current and past versions of final documents, as well as the supporting assets such as design files, images and data files. However, many are limited to the asset type and they don’t really offer the necessary control. Without this control, the risk of errors grows exponentially and could result in the use or distribution of incorrect or out-of-date materials.

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Centerpoint Client (Project and Workflow Management)

Centerpoint is our project management and workflow execution solution. This product provides client users with a centralized way to manage workflow and communicate with FGS. Users can setup & track projects, setup items under the project, and setup services needed for each item. This system has been integrated into the FGS Centerpoint management system and allows for project management on many levels.

Crypta is similar to @Access but designed for more specialized needs. It is specifically designed to provide central storage and access for documents of any kind. Crypta comes with the highest level of security and is fully HIPPA and SAS 70 Type II certified. Our self-service approach offers our client the ability to setup and assign users, permissions, and folder structures with a simple user-interface.

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