Enterprise Wide Asset Management

Companies large and small, global and domestic are challenged with the vast amount of assets used to support their enterprise. Many companies find themselves utilizing multiple systems within specific groups such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, Legal, Compliance and even Human Resources. This limits the benefits of true centralization; limits control and cross departmental or divisional access, and increases Total Cost of Ownership.

Although assets are commonly shared across all of these departments, and even divisions within a company, the need for centralization often goes overlooked, and decisions are made to accommodate individual silos. As these silos grow it becomes more difficult to reliably gain the latest version and truly collaborate on the material, so in comes the need for the @Access.

We have developed this product with all the features and functionality required to support our clients at the enterprise level. To accomplish this we had to take a hard look at what a central storage and access solution should provide for cross-department support of these assets, not only for core requirements but also to improve and control operational activities such as the distribution, maintenance and use of the assets.

Through this research and development we have designed a dynamic system with capabilities not often found in the Digital Storage and Access Industry. We have designed this product with an upload once architecture where all systems and access points are current. Using an open architecture methodology we have made it easy to integrate and point all marketing, CRM, sourcing and fulfillment systems to @Access™ and therefore the same item. With one load your entire organization is kept current, easing the burden on all internal departments, and external sources such as intranets, extranets, and even the primary corporate website.


Administration managers within our clients have access to manage the process from end-to-end. They determine and setup all other internal user groups and establish access rights and restrictions. Our clients also have the need to support public or third party access to the items in @Access™. It may be decided that these users will not have direct access, but rather access through the company website literature center or even their public catalog. Our true centralization and control strategy eliminates the need to store assets in multiple locations. This same product can be the hosting solution running behind these other access points. A group or item can have multiple access points depending on the use and purpose of the asset itself. With @Access running behind all other access points you will have a load once and done process, a true powerful enterprise wide solution.

Hosting Features

  • Ability to run as backend to all client access points
  • User rights and restrictions can still apply
  • Supports single-sign-on methodologies
  • SEC complaint – one click to all documents in fund family
  • All core features pass through to access point user
  • Create and deliver dynamic links
  • User activity tracked and captured – Capture Viewed, Download
  • Program management – ease the burden or need for I.T. and web services

Central Asset Storage

  • Private, public, and specialized catalog setup with cross-item and shared item capabilities
  • Multi-level asset categorization and grouping
  • Shared and private asset control and access features
  • Unlimited asset types including video and audio
  • Asset labeling and information capture, pre-defined fields and free fields ride with assets
  • Version controls with current and archive methodologies
  • User alerts on many levels including new item, terminated, updated, review dates and more
  • Dynamic link creation allows for secure FTP download and upload
  • Single item and batch multi-item upload with simple drag and drop functionality


@Access allows integration and offers pre-built APIs to support the process, while easing the burden on your internal I.T. and Web Services departments.

  • CRM Integration direct, indirect, punch out, single-sign-on
  • Fulfillment, eDelivery and print system integration
  • Website integration
  • Sourcing and procurement systems
  • Internal collaboration between users

Operational/Management Features

  • Item and group level user alerts at multiple levels
  • Item-level alerts for date of review
  • Action-level alerts and reports to show real-time access to documents
  • New item, terminated, optional, and document dependency features
  • Automatic activate and inactivate by obsolescence and effective date features
  • Language version management and alignment links to English version
  • User tracking by load, delete, viewed, download
  • Item/group tracking by use and activity
  • Powerful User and Group access rights and restrictions.

Operational/Management Features

Data/Asset Security & Protection

FGS takes the security and protection of your assets very seriously.
@Access has been designed from the bottom up with this in mind. New and evolving industry best practices related to data security and protection are constantly monitored and introduced to this and all FGS products and technological solutions.

  • FGS is a SAS 70 type II certified company
  • FGS is fully HIPPA compliant
  • FGS is fully FDA and DEA compliant and registered