The only choice is highly confidential document storage & access

The endless amount of paperwork and documents Law firms and Corporations must deal with every day is staggering. Crypta™ offers an ultra-secure, centralized solution that will give you and others of your choice access to documents anywhere, at any time. Whether you are a single attorney, or are responsible for teams or even a complete firm, Crypta™ is scalable to meet your needs.

There are three primary factors we employed during the design of this product: security, document organization, and ease-of-use. The system security is built over several protocols to meet all HIPPA and SAS 70 requirements with multiple layers of access at both the host server and user levels. It is designed to allow the user to setup categories and groups in any way and with levels of hierarchy. The categorization of documents can start at the firm, office, or individual attorney level. It is very intuitive for the user and offers strong search functionality also at several levels and at the documents content level. Loading and categorizing documents can be done individually or in batches. Host users have the ability to setup and control other users including external users, attorneys, clients, or whomever you desire. As the host user you have the ability to setup the rights and restrictions including the ability to track the activity of each user.

Core Asset Storage Features

  • Storage of 233 different document types including all popular applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and scanned images
  • Multi-level categorization, groups and sub-groups
  • Document control features to store as active or archive
  • Document/asset fields for additional information capture with additional free (user-defined) fields
  • Logical Hierarchy, e.g. Firm > Office > Attorney > Project or Deal > Categories > Sub-categories> Documents and Assets
  • User rights and restrictions with time allowance and auto shut down of selected users
  • Individual load or batch load with easy to use drag and drop methodology
  • Strong search functionality including content level search within documents/assets
  • User tracking and audit captures all user movements
  • Check-in and check-out features with user information
  • Internal collaboration between users


  • Integrate with other legal content management systems for easy document transfer
  • Integrate with FGS regulatory document management system for SEC filing and typesetting
  • Integrate with accounting or cost capture to apply and track cost to your clients

Redundancy & Disaster Recovery

  • Fully redundant fail-safe platform utilizing off-site level 4 data-center
  • Multiple internet connections through several fiber based and wireless Infrastructures
  • Multi-level power backup and seamless emergency protocol switch-over
  • Additional redundant storage of archived documents and assets

Operational/Management Features

  • Item and group level user alerts at multiple levels
  • Item-level alerts for date of review
  • Action-level alerts and reports to show real-time access to documents
  • New item, terminated, optional, and document dependency features
  • Automatic activate and inactivate by obsolescence and effective date features
  • Language version management and alignment links to English version
  • User tracking by load, delete, viewed, download
  • Item/group tracking by use and activity
  • Powerful User and Group access rights and restrictions.

Management Features

  • Firm, Office, Attorney setup and deployment considerations
  • Admin Host sets up external or other internal users and assigns rights
  • Audit log for user activity with further drill-down information
  • User and Item email alert triggers at multiple levels including check-in and check-out
  • Easily select, package and deliver documents for downstream SEC filing and typesetting services

Data Security & Protection

FGS takes data security and protection very seriously. Crypta™ has been designed from the bottom up with this in mind. New and evolving industry best practices related to data security and protection are constantly monitored and introduced to this and all FGS products and solutions.

  • FGS is a SAS 70 type II certified company
  • FGS is fully HIPPA compliant
  • FGS is fully FDA and DEA compliant and registered