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Companies with some of the most well-known brands often hand their big ideas and related projects to several players. Typically, this dilutes control, can disconnect the creative role on the budget and increase the cost of marketing execution. We introduce a smarter approach that enhances control and removes obstacles while maximizing the impact of your message. We work with companies and their brands to help them connect and engage with their customers, increase and improve upon all areas of engagement and bring a fresh and unique approach to improving their marketing return on investment (ROI).  


At FGS, we work towards understanding your company goals and accordingly provide a range of options which you can choose from. We can help you maintain your brand or help you through a rebranding process. FGS has been chosen by some of the largest companies in the country to create and manage major marketing and sales initiatives, or simply to produce a single sales brochure.


  • Corporate image and identity

  • Brand management

  • Data base analysis and rationalization

  • Internet-based marketing programs

  • Lead generation programs

  • Loyalty programs

  • Design and concept development

  • Web design and database programming

  • Copywriting

  • Photography and illustration

  • Project management

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