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Marketing Execution

Digital Marketing

Marketing Dashboard Features & Capabilities

SEO & Website Management

Impressive 32-Point Website Audit

Our marketing dashboard provides an impressive 32-point website audit report that can be generated within minutes. The analysis is displayed in an easy to read and comprehend format that shows the positives and the negatives of your website with a competitor analysis.

User Role Management

Create users and assign different roles that enable you to specify the modules that your users are allowed to access. This type of customization can be very helpful for your marketing team and can also keep your sensitive data protected.

Website SEO Crawler

Our SEO Crawler crawls nearly 2 million web pages every week. It checks if critical SEO codes are in place and can prevent keyword ranking loss before they happen.

Local Visibility Tracking

Analyze the performance of your business in the local ecosystem. Our digital marketing and reporting dashboard shows accurate, duplicate and missing listings (business listings, search engine listings, local listings and more). You can even submit edits/corrections to the listings directly on the dashboard (without having to log into your directory account).


Google Analytics Reports

Track critical Google Analytics data in real time right from the dashboard. No need to log into Google separately to view website traffic data.

Google Search Console Data

Track how your website is performing with important data generated via Google Search Console such as website crawl errors, impressions and clicks from Google.

Google My Business Insights

Track how many people called you, requested directions to your business or visited your website with Google My Business Insights.

Website Heatmaps

See exactly how users are interacting with your website and take appropriate actions with heatmaps.

Site Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your website for uptime every hour and get alerted instantly via push notification if your website goes down.

Note: In order to get alerted instantly regarding website uptime (or any other updates such as contact us form completions or PDF downloads), you must download our App “Brand360 – Marketing Dashboard” and allow push notifications on your phone or tablet.

PPC Management

Comprehensive KPI Reports

A cumulative real-time report showing you the impact the campaign is having on your website traffic, leads, and more.

Affiliate Campaign Management

Track and manage your affiliate campaigns from the dashboard.

Paid Ads Management

Track paid ads from Google AdWords and Bing right from the dashboard. The dashboard provides pre-defined reports of the most important data week-over-week and month-over-month. You can also choose custom dates to compare metrics.

Social Media & Digital Reputation

Social Media Integration

Integrate, track and manage top social networks right from the dashboard. Includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Get Leads via Twitter

Get leads from Twitter for your business. You can reach out to people automatically who are tweeting in and around a particular ZIP Code with pre-set Tweets.

Scheduled Social Posting

Schedule social posts to be sent out at a later time right from the dashboard. Our dashboard shows you the best day and time for posting (according to conversions) so we can plan accordingly and apply more of our marketing dollars to the highest ROI times/days.

Review Widget

Our proprietary plug-and-play review widget helps you get more positive reviews on Google and Yelp. Simply apply our widget to your website and allow the widget to do the rest!

Business Reviews Tracking

Hear it all – the good and the bad about your business right from the dashboard. Helps you keep track of your business’s online reputation. This gives you a head start in terms of reacting to your customer’s reviews and mentions of your business. When you react fast to bad news/reviews, you have a better chance of resolving the issue, retaining your client, and getting the mention or review removed from the Internet.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Integration

Integrate all leads received via our web forms into your favorite CRM from the dashboard. Supported CRM’s include ZOHO, Hubspot, Keap, and Active Campaign.

Online Client Intake Forms

Online campaign commencement forms which you can complete yourself or send to your client for completion, right from the dashboard.

Online Customer Surveys

Generate surveys within minutes using the online customer survey tool. This is a great way for your clients to learn how customers feel about your client’s business and allows clients to make proactive business decisions.


Your Dashboard On The Go

Get text alerts each time you get a new lead, someone writes a new review, or if your website goes down. You can also check the progress of a campaign on the move with our FREE mobile app, “Brand360 – Marketing Dashboard”. Our mobile app provides you with access to our entire marketing dashboard, all from your phone or tablet.

Track Inbound Calls

Track incoming calls to your business in real time right from the dashboard. We have partnered with a trusted call tracking company to offer call tracking services to our clients. Once you have a call tracking number, our dashboard keeps a log which included data like, call source (AdWords, Organic, Facebook, Etc.). If people decide to text that number you also have an SMS log.

Track Form Leads

Track form completions on your website in real time on the dashboard. Our proprietary forms use state of the art technology and prevent spam.

Push Notifications for Leads

Get instant alerts on your mobile device every time you receive a new call, form fill-up, live chat or if your website goes down.

Note: In order for this feature to work, you must download our FREE mobile application “Brand360 – Marketing Dashboard”.

Website Live Chat

Generate targeted leads right from the website with Live Chat. Includes proactive chat, real-time visitor monitoring and analytics.

Seamless Data Integration

Integrate and manage data from 20+ search marketing, social media network partners and other leading companies.

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