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Customer Success Stories

Case Study #3
 Front and back covers are customized with the client’s name and contact information

FGS Begins a New Chapter 

with Book-on-Demand 



Investment services




Global 2000


$11.3 billion


The client showed a great affinity for printable kits—what laymen might think of as a two-pocket folder that includes printed pages in both pockets. These kits often contained anywhere from one piece of paper to 400, depending on the client’s needs. The front cover and back flaps were usually customized and included a cut-out feature so that a business card could be inserted for easy reference. For tactile people who still enjoy turning pages, the kits were an ideal way to package information. But the more pages the kits contained, the more cumbersome they became. And there was always the risk that the loose pages would fall out of the kits and undermine their value. 


 The team at FGS enjoyed an affinity for the kits, too. But with the number of orders rapidly increasing, they also saw a need to speed up the production process. The solution seemed clear: Create a website modules so that the client could pick and choose which pages to include—and then bind (or staple) the pages together so that they would form a book. The name of this invention seemed obvious, too: book-on-demand—a fitting name for a product that can be produced with a press run of as few as one copy to as many as several hundred. Another small but crucial feature added by FGS delighted the client: As each page is selected in the website module, a table of contents is created to include the page topic and the corresponding page number. 


The client embraced FGS’s book-on-demand because it: 

  • Eliminates loose-leaf pages in favor of a bound, streamlined and professional looking booklet that looks as impressive as it is functional. 

  • Includes a handy table of contents to guide readers. 

  • Allows the front and back covers to be customized with the client’s name and contact information.

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