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Elevate your Fulfillment

The term “fulfillment” does not adequately define what FGS actually offers. Fulfillment (as most people would think of it) defines warehouse storage and pick-pack order processing more as an operational logistics supply chain. Our fulfillment goes way beyond this to offer our solutions and services as part of the marketing supply chain. We align our services and technology under our clients’ marketing channels, then across the channels supporting their omni-channel strategy.



Literature Fulfillment Services

Literature Solutions and more

Digital Print Solutions

FGS has integrated digital print into the fulfillment order entry platform to make ordering print as easy as ordering literature off the shelf. There are many different solutions that can be deployed based on the item and purpose of the communication.

Learn more about FGS's print solutions.

Promotional and Product Fulfillment

Track how your website is performing with important data generated via Google Search Console such as website crawl errors, impressions and clicks from Google.

Learn more about promotional fulfillment.

Print Replenishment Management

Making decisions related to replenishment requires

information related to usage, document version and

obsolescence dates. FGS has created a dashboard to bring all this information, along with quick access to the files and print specs, into one centralized tool. This unique tool can even recommend the best production method based on cost, thereby simplifying the process for print buyers, marketing and operations. All this power is built on the same robust platform, using your business rules.

As an FGS client, you will receive 20 hours a month in development that can be used to deploy custom features and functionality you can use to impress your user groups or solve specific challenges.

Print Replenishment Management

Kit & Kitting Services

  • Outbound services and distribution 

  • Bulk assembly and storage

  • Dynamic kits on-the-fly

  • Self-contained digital kits 

  • Finished good kit management 

  • Component tracking 

  • PI tracking and swap management 

  • Custom kit solutions 

  • Virtual (user defined) kitting 

  • POD and custom kit combinations

  • Kit-in-a-kit (advanced)

Order Processing

  • 24/7 order processing 

  • Same-day processing

  • Returns management 

  • 24/7 order visibility 

  • eCommerce and product 

  • Order level kitting and packaging 

  • Print-on-demand (POD)

  • Promo imaging on demand 

  • Channel order matching 

  • Data-fed order capture and integration 

  • Regulatory and compliance 

  • Variable data and web-to-print user interaction 

  • Custom documents and asset personalization 

Inventory Item Services

  • JIT replenishment 

  • Purchasing and sourcing 

  • Rework 

  • Inventory low point management and systematic replenishment 

  • Item inventory and usage analytics 

Business Services

  • Call center/order entry

  • Data entry and processing 

  • Document processing

  • Document conversion 

  • Database management 

Data Reporting and Analytics 

  • Standard and custom system-driven reporting 

  • Custom and individual reporting 

  • Create your own reports and dashboards

  • Real time dashboards

  • Cost and usage analytics

  • Asset management, usage and tracking

Front-End User Interface and
Integrated Access Modules (IAM)
  • Front-end order entry 

  • IAM – Trade show and conferences

  • IAM – eDelivery

  • IAM – Variable mailing track

  • IAM – Custom document and presentations

  • IAM – Microsites 

Management and Analytics 

  • Management and control center

  • Inventory dynamics

  • Asset management 

  • Asset customization management 

  • Document dynamics management 

  • Data and reports center

Front-End User Interface And Integrated Access Modules (IAM) Dashboard
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