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Print Solutions

How we do it

Digital Print

We offer monotone and color digital print services in all facilities. We provide digital print services for programs where location and time to market are vital, and as transactional projects. We offer full variable-data solutions and document creation on-the-fly. Working closely with our technology and workflow specialists, we can set up and deploy even the most complicated programs. 

Sheet-fed Print

Our fleet of sheet-fed presses ranging from six to eight colors including UV and aqueous coating. We have the capability, the capacity and the skill level to produce any project. All presses are geared with coaters. We have the ability to produce on all standard paper stocks, including synthetic substrates and packaging stock as thick as 32 points. 


Web Press

We offer both heatset presses (used for projects on coated papers) and non-heatset presses (used for uncoated papers). All presses are geared for lightweight papers and have in-line sheeting ability and folders. We specialize in large page count bound products for the financial, insurance and healthcare industries. 

Security Anti-Counterfeiting Print

Our substantial knowledge and experience in the anti-counterfeiting industry benefits our customers. This service relies on specialized and complex press requirements such as 64-station split fountain, as well as invisible and IR inks. These presses also print on synthetic substrates and specific papers required for this specialty. 

Mailing Services

FGS provides a wide range of mailing services, including direct, personalized and specialized mailings. We offer machine inkjet and insertion services along with manual assembly and mailing for specialized promotions and products. Additional services such as tabbing, gluing and tipping are all done in-line. All data preparation services are done in-house, including CASS certification, NCOA, deduplicate and merge and purge. We work hand-in-hand with USPS, FedEx and UPS every day and provide our clients with years of postal and mailing advice and guidance.

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Integrated supply chain management refers to an enterprise resource planning approach to SCM. Companies that have an integrated supply chain increase their flexibility to adjust to client requests, competitors’ actions and events within the industry. They also reduce waste and lower costs. FGS has the people, processes, tools and experience to manage complex global supply chains and help its clients transform their capabilities to thrive in a business environment marked by increased and permanent volatility. We manage all distribution and logistics activities through a centralized system rather than having multiple systems within your organization.

Web-to-print Store Front Solutions

Streamline your customers’ order process with the most sophisticated web-to-print engine, user interface and personalization tools in the market. We offer a complete web-to-print solution for businesses across all sectors. Our enterprise-level eCommerce solutions allow you to create fully customizable and responsive websites, with fully integrated CMS, integrated and automated production workflow and engaging personalization and mass customization possibilities. We offer multiple components and customizable features for you to pick and choose from, ensuring you get a web-to-print solution that addresses all B2B online printing needs. We believe customizing web-to-print solutions around the needs of your business is the key to providing you and your customers with an optimal experience. 

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