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Trade Show Fulfillment Services

Trade Show

Trade Show

FGS offers a full suite of services to help our clients manage all their trade show and event needs as an individual program or as part of a full multi/omni-channel solution. We take the burden off your desk by providing creative design services, managing the sourcing and purchasing of your booth(s), and on to the maintaining and repairing services typically required.


With our trade show and conference User Interface (UI) and management module fully integrated with our core platform, our clients realize a substantial increase in productivity and control. 

Users benefit from an efficient and effective user experience while the company benefits from best-in-class performance and cost savings. 


Store your trade show booth and giveaways in our warehouse, manage orders for multiple shows in your web portal, print collateral on-demand and then track available inventory and shipments. Your FGS fulfillment marketing portal, combined with our warehouse and print services, ensures the materials you need arrive on time and in great condition.

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Perfect event execution

Exhibitor Services

  • Creative kit and packing design

  • Literature design

  • Promo and premium selection

  • Registration and attendee data collection

  • Attendee marketing

  • Booth/exhibitor staffing

Fulfillment Services

  • Warehouse and storage fulfillment

  • Bulk order processing

  • Logistics - central event gathering

  • Return services management

  • Documentation, forms and processing

Booth Services

  • Modular and mobile booth services

  • Warehouse and storage

  • Inspection and cleaning

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Booth tracking 

  • Return service management

Event Technology

  • Event management 

  • Order placement

  • Productions management

  • Admin management

Real Time Inventory Management

  • What is in stock

  • What is in the field

  • Who has items and when they are scheduled to return them

  • What is reserved, as well as for when and for whom

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