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eDelivery Fulfillment



Fulfillment eDelivery

FGS offers a complete package as a stand-alone service or as an integrated part of your multi/omni-channel execution strategy. Our robust electronic delivery solution is powered by FGS’s platform and is set to integrate with your CRM and fulfillment system. It seamlessly provides eDelivery services and e-consent management with complete document storage for all types of internal communications. All the documents and messages delivered are accessible via pre-established integrated User Interfaces (UI) that allow all internal and external parties to view all documents and associated delivery details in one place. Our supported solution provides increased operational efficiency, improved user and recipient experience, tracking and analytics and significant cost savings. 


Our integrated technology provides marketing and sales with the tools to customize, support and streamline all sales and digital marketing:


  • Optimize content – review and approval 

  • Streamline content management 

  • Improve audit efficiency 

  • Ensure regulatory compliance 

  • Centralize marketing solution 


eDelivery campaign and program integrated access and origination, with user engagement points:

  • Fulfillment system access for marketing and sales

  • Standard reuse assets and messages

  • Data-fed, system-driven workflows 

  • Asset and message personalization and customization 

    • UI: User-enabled personalization 

    • CRM: User-enabled with CRM integration 

    • Data-fed driven customization and personalization


Our marketing production and compliance management solutions allow organizations to gain control of marketing information and content. Reduce your risk of violations or non-compliance with tracking, submittals and approvals. 


Electronic delivery and asset management for all marketing, regulatory, sales and administrative assets, notices and messages, including digital marketing features and functionality. 


Marketing Automation

  • Accelerate sales cycles and increase revenue with a streamlined lead-to-revenue process.

  • Effectively and efficiently scale marketing efforts.

  • Deliver personalized and relevant content to the right people at the right time.

  • Transform the customer journey to drive engagement and increase conversions.

  • Increase both lead quality and quantity with improved nurturing workflows and easy automated program setup.

  • Benefit from ease of use and time to value; 89 percent of customers launch their first campaigns in just two to six weeks.

  • Lower total cost overhead and save both time and resources in campaign development and execution.

Analytics and Reporting


Uncover the resources you need to drive a more effective and efficient commercial team.


With FGS, you’re able to better track, score, measure, connect, learn and adapt your marketing efforts to individual buyer journeys. With eDelivery, we provide a variety of reports to help you quantify your efforts and show real results. Use our powerful analytics suite to track engagement, content usage and much more. Discover what’s working for your sales team, what’s not and what needs to be created. Intuitively build reports on the fly, create powerful visualizations in real time and drill into details on sales activity, content performance and prospective customer engagement. Our platform is constantly evolving to position you for success. Understanding past outcomes and using statistical models to forecast the future allows FGS to reveal actionable insights for your business.



Real time data that drives real-life revenue.


• Chooses best delivery channel solutions

• Creates contact lists

• Interacts with web forms

• Presents and hides questions

• Predicts best time to send to customers

• Automates lead scoring

• Tracks and scores

• Tracks and measures inbound/outbound marketing activity

• Tracks all prospects and information history (competitor alerts)

• Creates customized metrics for content viewing

Analytics and Reporting
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