Strong. Trusted. Ready.

Positioned for the future


600,000+ sq. ft.

More than 600,000 square feet and growing


(IGP) Integrated global partners –
14 countries and 36 cities/epicenters


Hub and spoke: centralized platform across all facilities and IGP. One central technology and one central client management and support team (development and IT group along with more than 26 FGS employees).


Facilities located in the Midwest,
on the East Coast, and in Europe and Asia

250+ FTE

More than 250 full-time employees 
and 300 flexible/temp labor pool


FDA and DEA registered and certified

Solutions Within Reach

  • Structured to support our clients omni- and multi-channel strategies

  • Multi-facility program execution where and when it makes operational and economic sense

  • Complete supply chain review and analytics at no cost to FGS clients

  • Central management team assigned regardless of location of facilities

  • Single platform, regardless of the program size, operational strategy or number of locations used

  • Unlimited integration solutions: CRM systems, client websites, clients’ assets and management systems, ERP and purchasing systems, document management and compliance management systems

  • Standard literature and product

  • Temperature and climate controlled ​

  • High value and high-risk secure

  • Cold chain (unbroken point-to-point)

  • Customized storage and packaging configurations 

  • GMP/GDP compliant 

  • IR barcode (real-time data driven)

Operations staff responsible for managing all the day-to-day activities needed to run a successful and effective fulfillment operation are under substantial pressure. Let’s inject launches, marketing projects, regulatory changes, brand updates and rebranding along with ongoing budget pressures and resource challenges. FGS can help! 


An advantage to developing our own proprietary system is what we are able to do with it and how actual clients helped us design and evolve with it. With Advanced Administration Control center (AAC) and Advanced Administrations Virtual Resource (AAVR), you will be given the ability that until now would be possible only through multiple systems and deep pockets.


Management Solutions