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Challenges faced by B2B marketing teams in NYC during Covid-19

B2B marketing teams in NYC have faced and are continuing to face unprecedented challenges as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic, with surges in orders, changes in the behavior of business rep, the closure of stores and supply chain disruptions, to name but a few.

With lockdowns and general reluctance by consumers to engage in physical contact, the challenge for B2B marketing teams in NYC is to encourage and make it as easy as possible for business rep to be able to shop online with their company.

While some business rep may be experienced with making online orders, others may find it an alien experience and in need of a little assistance.

Firstly, business rep need to be reminded that you have a live and operational web presence even in the event that your physical offices or stores are closed, and customer reps who normally work “on the road” can be pivoted into getting in touch with business rep and helping them to set up their online accounts.

Another challenge being faced by B2B marketers is that certain products have experienced a spike in demand because of the outbreak, with establishment closures and transportation restrictions also causing disruptions to supply chains.

To deal with such disruptions the performance and stability of a B2B e-commerce site needs to be optimized in order to cope with such traffic peaks. Web stores need to display all relevant information accurately and in real time, while making it easy for business rep to pay, check out and track their orders. Contact FGS for more information!

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