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Sales Enablement

Asset Management & Production Services

With the rapid growth of digital marketing, companies are experiencing a substantial increase in message and asset creation. Needs associated with the management, access and use of these assets, is becoming a challenge within the marketing operations workflow. Additionally, due to the nature of digital (inbound) marketing, there is a different level of complexity companies are forced to manage. When incorporated with all current conventional (outbound) marketing, this increased need and complexity can add substantial burden to existing technology and internal resources. 


FGS offers a suite of services and technology to help clients store, access and use messages and assets to support all downstream sales and marketing initiatives. Companies both domestic and abroad, count on our integrated approach to streamline processes. Our years of experience makes us well-prepared to ensure regulatory disclosures, meet rigid compliance deadlines, and accurately communicate with investors and advisors. We can reduce costs and time to market related to the creation, production and distribution for your prospectuses, shareholder reports, fact sheets, and other marketing collateral.  Our industry expertise, experience, and ability come together to re-invigorate and strengthen your operations, and ability to meet all regulatory initiatives.

Asset Management & Production Services

The technology that brings it all together.

Plan & Review

FGS provides assessment review and planning services at no cost to our clients. We will review your current management tools and provide a side-by-side assessment, including impact on workflow, resources and cost. We work within a fully transparent framework, leave nothing to assumption and will never spring unexpected costs or fees on our clients. 

Times Have Changed

Managing assets, content, videos, templates, forms and other communications in the past was a lot easier when compared to today. With the internet, mobile devices and the proliferation of personalized content, the sheer number of assets needed to keep marketing and sales programs running has exploded. Without a good asset management solution, customization, personalization tools and a highly secure proven workflow, companies can lose track of what they have, where it is located and under what circumstances it should be used. Potentially more important is without a good asset management workflow, companies will miss out on all the benefits associated with such a solution. 

Tools and Resources to Increase Productivity

FGS offers document management services such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and centralized storage and access, including archiving, to offer clients fast, well-controlled and cost-efficient solutions. Our document management group operates 24/7 to maintain a best in-class partnership powerful enough to handle the most complex and fast-moving programs and projects.

Sales Enablement

FDA 21 CFR Part II

ISO 9000/9001

Adobe CACE

CS6 Certified

ACA Specialists

Compliant & Certified

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